Our training topics are:

  • Train the trainer
  • Facilitation skills
  • Planning and building efficient and inspiring workshops, conferences and meetings
  • Presentation and interaction skills
  • Mentoring skills and methods
  • Supporting and guiding group development
  • Methodmaster: How to choose the right methods for different situations to meet your targets.

Most of our training courses are tailored to customer organisations. We also run open courses which you are warmly welcome to attend. You can find open courses from our Training calendar. All our open courses are in Finnish at present, courses in English on request.

We are experienced facilitators. We would like to help you to plan and execute your workshop or meeting to make it a success.

We offer business and group coaching to help you efficiently deal with your work flow, decision making process, common target setting and defining and solving problems.

Co-operation cases:


Facilitation skills; building and running different types of business situations
The main objectives for training were:

  • constructing efficient and profitable business situations
  • how to lead the situations
  • facilitation skills and the role of the facilitator
  • building the facilitation process
  • tools for different process steps

How to get the most out of your meetings
The main objectives for training were to give participants the skills to plan and run effective meetings, from the planning stage until meeting the targets and to use meeting time in the most efficient way.

The main contents were:

  • the corner stones of a good meeting
  • methods to improve participant activity and co-operation
  • building common house rules for leaders and participants when constructing and implementing meetings


Presentation and interaction skills as a part of Leader training
The main objective of the training day was to improve the presentation and interaction skills used both in the role of supervisor and during customer interactions.

The main contents were:

  • looking at the different communication situations as a supervisor
  • basic communication skills
  • the building blocks of succesful and efficient communication (in a company environment)
  • being aware of your own communication and improving your interaction skills
  • how to get your message across productively

Method Mill
The targets of the training day were to familiarise the participants with a greater variety of methods and to encourage them to apply them. Methods relevant for the company’s needs were ascertained in advance. During the training day the different methods were introduced, practiced and participants also learned how to modify methods to fit their own needs.


Train the trainer
The target group for the 5 day training course was company specialists who worked part-time as trainers. The target was to enable them to successfully construct and implement efficient and professional training sessions. The training course was a long term process combining face to face training days, individual and small-group work built around real-life training cases.
The main content covered:

  • adult learning
  • the tools and processes needed to build a high-quality training session
  • constructing training material
  • building and supporting the learning process
  • training methods; evaluation
  • developing your own competences as a trainer
  • interaction and presentation skills.

An element of the training course was to develop training sessions to use in real customer cases.

Training skills for process developers: 1 day superinduction to trainer skills
The target for the training day was to support process specialists with the process implementation phase and to give them the tools and best practices on how to give successful training sessions. The main themes were: cornerstones of a high quality training session, supporting adult learning, building and implementing powerful training sessions.


Project Teaching
The target was to strengthen the Project Teaching related skills of University staff and to support them in building courses using Project Teaching. The main content of the first training day was how to construct a course based on the Project Teaching method. The second training day concentrated on how to build and support group work and dynamics. The topics were covered both in theory and as real-life cases.