Anniina Hukari

Anniina is an engineer (M.Sc.) with university – level pedagogical certification and proficiency. She has worked for 15 years in the education sector. She has trained and coached training skills, team work, facilitation and presentation skills. Her expertise lies in planning out, evaluating, developing and implementing training services for target groups in industry, educational institutions and the municipal sector. She has a strong background in applying for funding, implementing and administering EU-funded projects focusing on competence development and innovation.

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Riikka Rissanen
Riikka has a Master of Arts in Education and a professional workgroup coach. She has 16 years of experience in developing training courses and the training skills of teaching staff especially in educational institutions in fields of technology and healthcare. Her areas of strength are coaching and directing teaching as well as planning out, implementing and facilitating training courses and training events. Riikka is also working at Aalto University as  a Human Resources development expert, with her area of responsibility being competence development.

Please see more info in her LinkedIn profile.

Anna Rimmi

Anna is a creative and inspiring professional specialising in presenting, performing and influencing. She has Master of Arts degrees in both Theatre and Music Pedagogy. She has several years of experience in teaching and coaching. Her areas of interest lie in improving presentation and interaction skills and applying them to various roles and environments. In her work she combines drama, improvisation and music to more traditional methods in a versatile manner. Anna also works at both Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Lauttasaari Music Institute.

Johanna Naukkarinen

Johanna is analytical, yet practically oriented developer, who gets excited about new challenges and novel ways of working. She holds a doctoral degree in engineering and is a pedagogically qualified teacher. As a trainer Johanna aims at creating situations, where participants can get more profound theoretical knowledge but also practical ideas, which can be tried out immediately. Johanna has trained teachers, trainers and experts in several universities and other organizations for over 20 years.

Between us, we at Taito Training, have over 30 years of experience to help you. We have versatile experience, a strong set of skills and bring a fresh view to different themes and topics. We have received excellent feedback from our partners about our excellent partnership, flexibility and inspiring approach to work. Please contact us and discuss future co-operation!

Please contact us and discuss future co-operation!